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MyAish PowerUP starting Jan 9t - Aish LA Website

Power Your Mind, Body & Soul!

If you’re looking for practical, spiritual and relateable Judaism in a fun learning environment with some of the most sought out mentors in LA, apply to join PowerUP today! Enjoy round table discussions over dinner, drinks & a wide curriculum of popular topics relevant to 2019. Once a month we will be featuring a motivational guest speaker for a joint co-ed class, all other weeks round table discussions will be held in a separate gender forum.

* Open to Members only for an additional $15 per month (not including learning material).

Wednesday Nights at Morry’s Fireplace & Aish
7:00 PM | Hebrew Ulpan (Starting January 9th)
8:00 PM | Dinner & Fine Whiskeys
8:30 PM | Round Table Discussions (Separate Gender)
9:30 PM | Joint Mingling, Games & Drinks

Ages 21-34 | Single & Married

PowerUP Women (Exclusive to Members Only):
* Non Alumni: $40/ Month or $55/ Month with Hebrew class
* PowerUP & MyAish Trip Alumni: $20/ Month or $35/ Month with Hebrew Class

PowerUP Men’s Club (NOT exclusive to members):
Pay per class or become a member and save over 30%
*MEMBERSHIP: $40/ Month or $55/ Month with Hebrew class
* Or $15 /Class (MyAish Trip Alumni)
* Or $18/ Class (Non Alumni)

Can’t make it every week? Now you can call in and watch live from anywhere! New material will be provided for PowerUP Alumni of all levels.

Featured Mentors:

• Sarah Pachter
• Dalia E. Partouche
• Malka Baradarian
• Deborah Wosner

• Saul Blinkoff
• Roy Rayn
• Eman Chayim Esmailzadeh
• R’ Nissan Ahoobim


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