May 27, 2018

Executive Learning

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Our Mission

The Executive Learning mission is to connect and inspire Jews to a journey of heritage and personal growth through events, classes, programs, and trips. All of which are personally created towards the men and women who support and generously give to Aish Los Angeles. The Executive Learning team believes that Jewish education can be taken at each individual’s own interest and pace, and should be done in a form that best fits individual learning techniques and comfort. For that offering both one-on-one and group learning opportunities.

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Our Events

The Executive Learning program is for men and women who want to learn one-on-one in the privacy of their office or home. As part of Aish Los Angeles, we offer events, programs, and trips catered to the men and women who support and give out of their generosity to Aish LA. These wonderful men and women support the mission and initiative of the organization and help ensure it is run on a daily basis, and we would like to gracefully thank them for their generosity. This initiative would not exist without Rabbi Aryeh Markman, the executive director of Aish LA. A selfless and extraordinary man, team leader, organizer, and program director. Who has been running Aish LA for almost 20 years.

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