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JWI – Our Mission

The Jewish Women’s Initiative (JWI) unites Los Angeles area women in communicating the wisdom and wonder of Judaism in their homes and communities. JWI creates a space for Jewish mothers to join together in meaningful discussion, take classes to learn invaluable lessons, participate in fun and fulfilling trips and outings, and build lasting relationships. We believe in the power of the Jewish woman to inspire, transform, and elevate our world.

JWI – Our Pictures

JWI – Our Events

The Jewish Women’s Initiative, better known as JWI, empowers Jewish Moms to share the beauty, joy, and relevance of Judaism in their homes and communities. Through classes, events, and social gatherings JWI helps moms build a strong foundation and nurture their own personal connection to Judaism. JWI enables women in Los Angeles to communicate Jewish values to their families and communities. JWI’s team of vibrant leaders, educators, and program coordinator bring JWI’s message to life with love ,warmth and passion.

JWI provides a space for Jewish women to connect, share perspectives, and receive guidance, while having an incredible time. Frequent topics of discussion include personal development, relationships and a deeper understanding of Jewish values, observance, and spiritual connection. The women of JWI enjoy insightful classes, Shabbat dinners, social events, a yearly trip to Israel and an annual women’s Shabbat of Unity. The Israel trip, in partnership with Momentum ( combines fun and adventure with sisterhood and spiritual exploration. JWI inspires Jewish women across Los Angeles to create meaningful connections to G-d, Jewish wisdom, and one another. JWI believes in and supports the power of the Jewish Mom to shape her home, community, and in turn, the world.

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