JWI – Tuesday Night in the Valley

JWI - Tuesday Nights In The Valley

Tuesday classes are designed to help you build a strong foundation in Judaism, to nurture your own personal connection and to be able to communicate Jewish values and thought to your children/family. The classes also cover the deeper meaning of mitzvot and holidays, women’s issues, and personal development. You may enter this course at any time in the cycle and come as you can. Each week is a self-contained class. For more information contact Joni at joni@aishla.com

Tuesday Night in the Valley Dates:

August 14: “Get a Game Plan for the Best New Year Yet!” with Chana Heller

August 21: “Shofar Sho Good “The Deeper Spiritual Impact of Listening” with Sharon Shenker

September 4: “Utilizing the Spiritual Energy of the High Holidays and Sukkot” with Chana Heller

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