Aish Weekly Newsletter – June 21st, 2018

Last updated on October 9th, 2018 at 07:29 pm

Written By: Amanda Weisman

The Jewish Men’s Initiative created spectacular memories on their recent two-day trip to Pismo. 15 JMI members enjoyed outdoor activities such as ocean kayaking, ATVing, and camping under the stars. Of course, no trip is complete without scotch & s’mores by the campfire and delicious BBQ with Chef Danny Dangoor! Scholar in residence Rabbi Shraga Simmons, founder of, graced the trip with his presence. This adventurous getaway proved to be one of the many opportunities for JMI members to explore their connection to Judaism and encourage one another to live to their full potential.

After five months of dedicated learning, 85 MyAish students graduated from the PowerUP program last Wednesday! PowerUP is a weekly learning program for men and women featuring some of the most sought-after speakers in the Jewish community. Participants enjoy socializing, delicious dinners, and most importantly, transformative learning with mentors on a variety of inspirational topics. At the 4th PowerUP Graduation, students were rewarded with graduation certificates, personalized Aneni books, and a hilarious game of Family Feud. This night of laughter and unity has us looking forward to beginning the fifth session in September!

25 Executive Learning partners gathered together on Monday for an inspirational lecture on “Being in the moment.” Part of the monthly Executive Circle lecture series, the evening was filled with virtue and wisdom on the art of being present. The lecture featured renowned Rabbi Yoel Gold and was held at the lovely Los Angeles home of Howard and Helen Szabo. Rabbi Azriel Aharon organized and ran the event with the intent to inspire and bring together Executive Circle members in meaningful conversation.

Every month, AishLIT young Jewish professionals hosts a special themed Shabbat. This time, the theme was Hawaii! The LA weather did not disappoint as attendees enjoyed a luau under the stars featuring stunning tropical décor, delicious Kosher Hawaiian-inspired cuisine, speeches by the new Board members, and mingling with both new and familiar friendly faces. AishLIT, run by Rabbi Jack & Shira Melul, continues to foster a sense of community and bring together Jewish individuals in their 20’s for opportunities to learn, grow, and establish valuable connections. We can’t wait for the next themed Shabbat!

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