Aish Weekly Newsletter – July 5th, 2018

Last updated on October 9th, 2018 at 07:29 pm

Written By: Amanda Weisman

Here at Aish Los Angeles, we know our image is a reflection of our community. We want to be represented in the most effective way possible – both in the physical world and the digital world. This is why we decided to redo our entire Aish LA website to make it easier for you to find events, stay up to date with the latest news, and learn about our different divisions – in an easy to navigate, beautiful to experience way! Two dedicated members of our Jewish community – Noa Drori and Amanda Weisman – have been working hard the past couple of months to bring our vision to life in the form of a stunning new website. Today, we are thankful for their talents and passion as the brand new is released. Features include full coverage of our past and upcoming programs, photo galleries and videos from our various events, information about our divisions, and much, much more. The website upgrade has been made possible by a generous gift from the Julis Family, and is dedicated in memory of Richie Julis. Check it out, click around, and see the future of Aish LA for yourself!

Aish LA Israel Trips - Weekly newsletter

One of the best ways to connect with our Jewish identities is to visit our Homeland. Right now, 82 young professionals from Aish LA are doing just that. On the trip of a lifetime, a group of our Young Professional students are currently exploring Israel and connecting with their history, with their heritage, and with each other.The MyAish Israel trip is being led by Rabbi Yitz Jacobs, Rabbi Jack and Shira Melul, and Dalia Partouche who are filling each day with wisdom, discovery, and joy. So far the 42 MyAish students have delivered prayers at the Kotel, explored the holy city of Tsfat, and eaten plenty of hummus!Rabbi David Cohen is leading the Aish LA Jewish Leadership Network Birthright trip, where 40 students are enjoying traveling, learning about Israel’s past and future, and connecting with Jewish values. Oh, and did we mention falafel & shawarma?Meaningful trips like these spark new friendships and lasting bonds. So much so, that the young professionals are already planning their reunion party – and the trip isn’t even over yet!

Aish LA High Holidays - weekly newsletter

Mark your calendars, because the High Holidays are approaching faster than you know! Join us for meaningful, inspiring services as we ring in the Jewish New Year on Rosh Hashana, and reconnect to our source on Yom Kippur. Who says services have to be drawn out, boring, or confusing? Aish’s services are highly engaging and thought provoking. Our English prayer books and explanations assure you will always be inspired and never lost. Hear wisdom from seven different rabbis and rebbitzens and enjoy Kiddish and break-fast, all included. We want to make sure everyone feels welcomed, so general admission is FREE with registration. Reserved seating is $100. We look forward to celebrating the holiest moments of the year with you!

Aish LA High Holidays 2 - weekly newsletter

JWI Monthly Groups - weekly newsletter

The Jewish Women’s Initiative (JWI) inspires Jewish women here in Los Angeles to communicate the beauty, joy, and relevance of Judaism in their homes and communities. Currently, JWI hosts 13 monthly groups that include life lessons, growth groups, lunch & learns, and “48 Ways to Wisdom.” With 268 women actively attending the monthly groups, JWI is spreading a wave of support, love, and wisdom among the community. Teachers Chana Heller, Sharon Shenker, Lucy Blinder, Emuna Braverman, Debbie Hirschmann, Rochel Markman, Lisa Richards, Sandy Gordon, Holly Magady, and Jill Kahn passionately share their insights and spark meaningful discussion. Topics include connecting to G-d, the power of Shabbat, motherhood, the importance of marrying Jewish, ground rules of gossip, praying for others, and how to find your purpose. Together, JWI members empower and uplift one another to better their families and themselves.

JWI Monthly Groups 2 - weekly newsletter

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