June 25, 2018

Rabbi Yitz Jacobs

Last updated on July 4th, 2018 at 08:26 pm

Rabbi Yitz Jacobs - Aish Los Angeles Website

Rabbi Yitz Jacobs

Rabbi Yitz Jacobs grew up in one of the only secular sections of Long Island. He earned a BS in Biology at Cornell University, and is still repenting for the freshman dorm experience. He then stayed on at Cornell and earned a Masters in Public Administration. He often wonders why, after spending all that money at Cornell, they’re still trying to get more out of him. After working in technology consulting for two years in Washington D.C. for Booz-Allen and Hamilton, he decided to do what every Jewish boy dreams of doing after being in the work force—go back to graduate school! Upon acceptance to University of Virginia Law school, he quit his job and took a quick detour to the holy land for a “three hour cruise.” He ended up staying for six years and earning his Rabbinical degree from Aish. R. Jacobs is married to his wonderful wife, Chavi Jacobs, and has 5 beautiful children.

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