June 25, 2018

Rabbi Dov Heller

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Rabbi Dov Heller

Dov Heller is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Beverly Hills specializing in working with adults and couples by helping them identify and resolve their deeper emotional struggles. He also offers “relationship assessments” for couples who are thinking seriously about marriage and want to be sure they don’t overlook any significant issues, as well as a two-part seminar on dating entitled, “The Ten reasons why people marry the wrong person.” He holds a BA in philosophy form Dickinson College and two Masters degrees; one from Harvard University in theological studies and a second from Antioch University in clinical psychology. He received most of his clinical training from Dr. Robert Stolorow in relational psychoanalysis and has made the study of human emotion and developmental trauma the focus of his professional interest over the past ten years. He is also a part-time Rabbi and teacher with Aish HaTorah. Dov has been married for thirty-five years to his wife Chana. They have five children and sixteen grandchildren. For more information about his private practice and areas of expertise visit his website at ClarityTalk.com.

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