May 27, 2018

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Last updated on October 16th, 2018 at 09:19 pm

The Jewish Men’s Initiative, better known as JMI, is a movement of men across Los Angeles to build and share a Jewish learning community. Together, members explore their connection to Judaism and realize their vast inner potential. The support from JMI helps men to strengthen their marriages and raise great children. JMI encourages men to improve their communities, as well as achieve personal growth. The activities of JMI are both enlightening and entertaining. Events include Israel trips, weekend retreats, private dinners, educational teachings, social outings, motivational workshops, camping trips, and more. These events create a brotherhood that strengthens the JMI bonds and forges lifelong friendships.

JMI is run by Rabbi Azriel Aharon and Rabbi Aryeh Markman, who lead JMI with unyielding passion and determination. Working together for over 20 years, Rabbi Aharon and Rabbi Markman believe in the power of connecting all Jews to Judaism. Their dedication to detail makes JMI’s programming engaging and impactful. The Jewish Men’s Initiative has proven successful in shaping and bettering the lives of men in the Los Angeles Jewish community. JMI works to create a space for exchanging ideas and knowledge while building the support and sentiment of brotherhood. Don’t hesitate to check out JMI’s exciting upcoming events and get involved.

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