May 27, 2018


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The AishLIT Mission

The AishLIT mission is to introduce the deeper meaning and relevance of Judaism to 21st century Jewish college students and young professionals. We provide the highest quality educational and social opportunities in a setting that is both welcoming and comfortable. Using private and public events, classes, one-on-one meetings, and worldwide trips that are all Jewish based and focused. Generating a community, networking platforms, and new relationships for young professionals in Los Angeles.

What We Offer

AishLIT offers young professionals in Los Angeles a variety of Jewish activities through events, trips, holidays, and personal meetings for both men and women. Adding to individual Jewish personal growth, community, and networking for all who are interested. At AishLIT events are offered on a weekly and monthly basis and raging from Torah learning to food making and more.

Currently AishLIT’s most popular events are the weekly Torah learning – Taco, Tequila, and Torah Tuesdays lead by Rabbi Jack Melul. Featuring delicious food prepared by Rebbetzin Shira Melul, and occasionally, featuring guest speakers such as Rabbi Zalmen Mindell and more. Shira’s monthly Challah bake, which takes place the first Thursday of every month features an amazing recipe, light learning, and an amazing opportunity to bond with other ladies in the community all while in preparations for shabbat.

Our Pictures

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Our Events

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