JMI Adventures in Pismo Beach

Written By: Amanda Weisman

The Jewish Men’s Initiative created spectacular memories on their recent two-day trip to Pismo Beach, California.

15 JMI members embraced their adventurous sides and enjoyed outdoor activities such as ocean kayaking, ATVing, and camping under the stars. The outdoor setting proved a refreshing getaway that made space for relaxation, enjoyment, and bonding.

Of course, no camping trip is complete without the food! Attendees satisfied their tastebuds with a delicious BBQ with Chef Danny Dangoor. In the evening, the men roasted marshmallows by the campfire (scotch & s’mores, anyone?!). Scholar in residence Rabbi Shraga Simmons, a founder of, graced the trip with his presence.

This adventurous getaway proved to be one of the many opportunities for JMI members to explore their connection to Judaism and encourage one another to live to their full potential. More weekend getaways are to come throughout the year for JMI!

To see more pictures of the event click HERE.